Roll Call

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John McCoyGT 1958 – 1966

John McCoy does not look like a man that has been up since 3am, when I meet with him at his studios just after 9.30, yet that is the ritual he has been accustomed to for many years as the voice of RadioTAB’s breakfast show. I ask him about his readily identifiable commentary ‘pipes’.

When I started in radio people were modelling themselves on John Laws, with the deep voice. I never tried to model myself on anyone else…
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Chris "Buddha" HandyGT 1959 - 1968

It seems almost inconceivable these days that a Wallaby could win two Bledisloe Cups in their career, yet Old Boy Chris Handy did just that, across his six Tests as an uncompromising front rower in the Gold Jersey. I caught up with Chris one afternoon, fittingly at Tennyson, with the excited hustle of the 1st XV running through drills behind us.  

This was the place that I came to where I felt most at home…
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