One of the wonderful gifts an education at St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace, bestows is the legacy of mate-ship and friendship, forged through the strong bonds that develop at Terrace.

They are bonds founded on a strong sense of camaraderie, care and support, for all who wear and have worn the red and black, which continue to endure and grow after Terracians leave the College.

The Gregory Terrace Old Boys' Association (GTOBA) was established to support and develop the wellbeing of its Old Boys and serve as a vehicle for past students to continue their connection with the College and with each other.

The Association aims to provide ongoing enrichment, fellowship and support to current students and members alike. The GTOBA strives to support the College, its institutions and its present students through sponsorship of exchange programs, providing career and employment advice and mentoring, uniting past and present members of the Terrace Family and, maintaining contact with past students through regular events and reunions.

The Old Boys' Association operates inclusively, in the Catholic tradition of family – a tradition at the heart of Terrace.  The decorated history of Terrace and the extraordinary success enjoyed by the College has been achieved through a strong partnership between students, teachers, parents and Old Boys, collectively working together as the “Terrace Family”.