2020 John O'Hagan Lecture

Tuesday, March 10, 2020  5:15 pm
Edmund Rice Theatre, Waterford Place, Gregory Terrace

Our very own Professor Sir Peter Donnelly FRS (GT'75) is one of the global leaders and pioneers at the interface of human genetics and medicine. A Rhodes Scholar, his decorated academic career has seen his research interests evolve from mathematics and statistics to human genetics and human disease. He has played a central role in the “Genetic Revolution” - the explosion in our knowledge of   regions of our DNA that play a role in the susceptibility to all the common human diseases. Sir Peter is currently Professor of Statistical Science at the University of Oxford and a Founder and CEO of Genomics plc.  He recently received a Knighthood for services to the understanding of human genetics in disease. 

Join us and learn about the links between genetics and disease. 

Proudly co-hosted by Gregory Terrace and the Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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