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2020 Reunions - CANCELLED

Friday, October 02, 2020  12:00 am
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2020 Reunions

It is with great sadness that the 2020 Reunions have been postponed to 2021. COVID-19 has caused significant upheaval for many people and organisations and Terrace has not been immune to this impact, with many activities and events being cancelled or rescheduled throughout the year. Unfortunately,  a decision has been made to postpone the upcoming Old Boy reunions.  

Consultation with the various reunion organisers, a decision to postpone these events until 2021 has been made.  Issues such as travel and quarantine restrictions, social distancing, liquor and food restrictions and requirements around COVID safe plans have meant that hosting of the Old Boys reunions is not feasible this year.

It would be our hope that the reunions are rescheduled for a similar time in 2021, which will mean that we will host both 2020 and 2021 reunions throughout next year.  We are also doing this with our 145-year Ball which has been postponed from this year to our 146th year in 2021.

The College staff and the Old Boy reunion organisers will be in touch early in 2021 with the new dates and arrangements.

Please ensure your details are up to date here. 

If you are interested in being a reunion coordinator in 2021, please email Erin Bowpitt: gtoba@terrace.qld.edu.au